Airport class violation

I was recently scrolling through my logbook and found these. Does anyone know what these were for?

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You were most likely in a aircraft to big for the airport ;)

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Strange since the manual doesn’t have this violation.

Oh this was back in 2016, :)

That is only level 1 violations

These are really really old violations. You would get these when you would fly into a zone which was too high for your standing (such as San Francisco if your standing was below 80%). This system is no longer in place.

I probably racked in some 80 violations flying from KHAF to KSFO back in the day with 50% standing. Good times!


If its a system vio it will be level 1. Level 2 and 3 are issued by IFATC.

But Maxim explained it :)

Thanks, didn’t know that.
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Actually, to issue a correction to my original reply, after looking at the changelogs and version history, Airspace “Zone” violations were actually long gone by 2016 (the ones I talked about in my original reply). Instead, these Airport Class violations were for landing an aircraft which was too large for a given airport. So for example landing an A380 at Lukla. Sorry for the confusion!

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Yea I also thought so lol

Yeah, I got a little mixed up with the dates of when they were removed and the name “Airspace Zone” with “Airport Class”. I think they were gone sometime in 2014, but I honestly can’t remember that far back.