Airport chatter - "Make ATC Great Again!"


I saw this, it was hilarious!


I saw this a few days ago. When I showed it to my mom, she just rolled her eyes…



trumps plane livery looking 1880s…


Lol, imho its a very timeless livery, similar to AF1. It’s a shame FDS won’t put it in, but I can understand why.

I Showed my dad this (hates flying) this video and he just rolled his eyes. I showed my girlfriend who loves aviation and she laughed and couldn’t stop.

Wow. I wish I had a plane like that. The interior is AWESOME! Anyway, I can’t really understand the ATC

I wish I had a girlfriend into aviation so I don’t feel like I’m boring them everytime I rant about people who want to close GA airports all the time

Altho I got my girl into ww2 era tanks so I guess that’s a win

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