Airport charts

If im not mistaken, navigraph has a subscription cost

Edit: it’s an excellent software for use with any flight sim, however it depends on how much you are willing to spend…

That kind of a subjective question. It depends on how you fly on IF, if you are truly interested in correctly flying and following airways, approaches, SIDs, STARs, etc then yea. If you are just one of those pilots that hits AutoStart, you probably wouldn’t use it.

Yep, it’s $10 a month I believe. It is worth it for me at least.

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do you play if ?


Yea, I wouldn’t be here on this forum if I didn’t lol. I don’t as much as I used too though, so that’s why I mentioned the cost is subjective. I fly on desktop as well, so there are certain features, such as the updated AIRAC cycle and Navigraph SimLink that I wouldn’t get use out of on Infinite Flight really, but I’m able to use their AIRAC cycle when flight planning with Simbrief for IF as well as the charts are still applicable to Infinite Flight.

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You can check or you can also download AirMate on your device :)

The often referenced Skyvector has recent charts for many airports and is capable of route planing.

When it comes to up to date complete data of a airport you need either to pay if you want to have anything in one spot, eg Navigraph that has a app and uses the widely used Jeppesen charts.

Or you have to search individually for each country for the official source.
For the airfields under US justification you can find all information on the FAA website, just enter the 4 letter code FAA AIP search here
For other nations AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) you could search with your favourite search engine for the nation’s name and “AIP” or you start from this eAIP link library .
eAIP usually comes in format Standardised by the ICAO and is free of charge for most countries over the world. Some countries want you to register for free, and a small number want you to pay. Those who want you to pay are usually not with charts in Skyvector.
A bit special is China, beside Navigraph I haven’t found a complete access to their AIP yet, best source is Yinlei

Hope that is what you are looking for,

Besides and, you’re not going to get much past them, at least legitimately from outside of China. What these two services provide are from China’s AIP, which is public and shareable with select airports, the rest of the charts are provided through their NAIP which is completely out of bounds from foreigners, with charts made for the Chinese and no one else (and thus, more difficult to understand if you don’t know Chinese). These are confidential, and aren’t necessarily shareable.

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Usually when I want to get charts for an airport I just google the code of the airport then charts for example I type YSSY charts!

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