Airport charts

are there any apps or websites where i can check the airport charts and restrictions etc? and are well known

Fltplan Go I would recomend.

What is that site?

Edit: It’s a thing for other sims, and it seems really cool. I’ll check it out.


I’d recommend to you skyvector

I would recommend, is very nice and has the majority of the airports worldwide

will this work with if?

it says websites not found

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Search chartfox on google it should show up

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Yeah of course! is the correct link

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i need vatsim?

yeah i forgot it was .org

isn’t that for msfs

You need a vatsim account which is free

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okay will try it out and let you know in a min

It’s for MSFS but does it also work with IF? Like would it help on IF?

You search the airport icao you want, and it will show the airport charts so is for any flight simulator basically, if you want to increase the realism of your flights

I like Navigraph, I use it for my PC Simulation flying as well, it’s 10 dollars a month but a great resource in my opinion and I’m more than happy with my purchase. It has every chart for airports that actually have charts and is kept up to date with the latest Airac cycle, which unironically might actually be a problem as IF’s nav data they use is not updated every Airac and is sometimes outdated. It also has en-route high and low charts, as well as a night mode for its charts that prevents you from burning your eyes when simming late at night. Happy flying!


is it good for if?