Airport Charts

Where do you folks get your Airport charts, SID and Stars. I use flightaware but i cannot find charts outside the US. Is there charts free or paid for the rest of the world ?

Hi there,

If you use discord, there’s a bot that you can invite to your server. It’s called Airport WX and they have a lot of great charts.

If not, I found flight aware for United State Airports really helpful and google

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Discord where ?

U can simply look them up on google and you will find them (Example: RPLL Airport Chart)

or you can go to and find some charts aswell.

Are you asking where to find the bot? If so, just type the name into google and it should give you instructions on how to add it to a server

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Thank you.

or go to


Is a great website. Just search your preferred star or sid followed by the airport and boom

You can also find many topics on the forum relating to finding Airport Charts

Actually it’s really easy. Just type the airport and then „airport charts“ behind. For example: EGLL airport charts. (on Google)

This question has been answered multiple times including in the past hours. There are a few providers but it really depends what charts you are looking for. A simple google search with " charts" usually is the first step. Navigraph and SkyVector are very popular options. Some are free and some may require a well deserved subscription.