Airport Charts

Does anyone know where I can access airport charts for free?

Google… that’s what I use

make your FPLs using

Most of the time they have charts ready for you.


That takes to much time!

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Wikipedia usually has airport charts when you search up an airport!

1 Like is a great site


Step by step guide:

Search up **** charts


i think? More detailed airport charts are coming to 20.1

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I found a website called, but I don’t know how to access the charts!

I think you need a VATSIM account but not sure

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I like using, because they have a wide variety of charts including Sectionals, Enroutes, etc.

Use this PDF and change EGLL to whatever ICAO code you need and it will likely have it.

(example, changing it from to

2 Likes is what I normally use for when I arrive at airports in the United States.

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I recommend using the LiveFlight app, the diagrams aren’t the most detailed; but they do show terminals.

LiveFlight airport charts are not for free but are really detailed 🙂

JEPPESEN Charts, you should Get it by just Google up the Airport ICAO and then check if the url of the Page have airport.pdf

You need a VATSIM account to access the charts!

Believe it or not, I get my charts from DISCORD. There is this cool bot on discord which will provide you with the charts on using a command. I got charts for most of the airports I wanted there. It is really helpful if you are on Discord or have a Discord Server :)

There is a discord bot that gets you charts from various sites, it called AvBot and add it to your server and use !charts [Airport ICAO] to get the charts DMed to you

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Correct! It is very helpful :)