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Hey guys! I’m inbound to Perth from London on Qantas 10, currently speeding over Doha on Expert. Since I’m using the real world flight plan, I decided that I wanted to park at the irl gate, too. The problem is, I can’t find any free charts for Perth, or many other airports for that matter. Can someone help me with that?

Google found this for me. You’re welcome!


Surely googling will give you something? That’s how I get most of my charts.

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I tried that, in 3 different was lol. Thanks @Nate_Schneller though!

Normally searching “Perth Terminal map” will give some good results.

Using you can find gates using flight numbers.

Just put the example ( jfk airport diagram or airport charts) that will do the trick

I did that. Depending on the airport, charts may or may not be readily available, which is why I came here.

Ooooooh alright

Many countries will have websites pretty much all of their airports. One of said countries is Australia. A quick Google search is all it took to find the link in my previous reply.

Out of curiosity, what did you search that had you coming up empty? If it were a Russian or Chinese airport, it would perhaps be harder, but Australian airports are readily available.

I would suggest searching with the ICAO code, and you shouldn’t have any issues.

I mean, the first result upon searching is a link to a whole series of charts and airport diagrams:



Adding onto what Tim_B said, you can also use this link:
All you got to do is change the ‘ICAO’ part to the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) code of the airport you want to check the airport charts for in your browser.

Note: Credits to @roostbrood for this amazing information.

Also, I believe this is a duplicate topic to another topic similar to this one. The original topic for this is this:


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