Airport charts for Tijuana/MMTJ

Tried searching for Tijuana’s airport charts with different search combinations, to no avail. Some promissing pdf links never opened. I’d be really happy if someone had and could share the charts, especially the STAR and approach charts, for MMTJ’s runway 27

Picture of Bananabus to not die ignored.


Its notoriously hard to find up to date Mexican charts online (they don’t open source it like the US does for example)

Closest thing I was able to find is charts from 2011-2012 timeframe through Vatsim Mexico 😅

Chart pictures

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AirMate (a free app) has charts from September 2022 and July 2023.


@IF787 @Mathurin_Garcier thank you both! I didn’t know Air Mate existed, tis gonna be a very helpful app for my next flights.

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