Airport Charts built into the game

##Airport charts built into the game.

After hunting through the forums I don’t believe this has been suggested before.

I think it would be so good, if whilst flying you could click on your destination airport and as part of the airport information panel there would be an option to view airport approach/departure charts and airport diagrams. I understand without VORs and other systems it cannot be 100% useful but it would certainly help to further add a sense of reality.

Open to thoughts?


Gret idea, but think about these points:

  1. There´s a website for charts
  2. will take a lot of storage
  3. Some people don´t know how to use them

This would be a great idea! Why? Because it would help when planning your fpl and approach into the airport. Also if it had taxiways included you would know where to taxi and how!


Agree! And these where my thoughts exactly!!

IF is a Flight Simulator born to teach people how to fly, so adding Charts in the game will be very helpful


Couldn’t agree more. People learnt glideslops though the addition of ‘APPR’ …


Mark_Denton will create good tutorials about charts! i hope, if this is coming


Be warey tagging Devs mate…people get upset!


The website that hosts the charts requires you to pay to see them unless ATC is operating there, as far as I know.

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This site offers a free aviation chart map.

Also, our good community member @DipperDolphin has these posted for no charge, but I believe you can make donations. His site supplies numerous arrival and departure charts for various airports currently in IF.


Yeah I noticed that, it is a good website. Imagine though, approaching an airport, clicking for information and then viewing the approach charts in game. IT would be so much easier, especially for those with one device who cannot cross reference as they fly!

I suggested to be able to overlay a pre-selected chart over the map and mini map on a different thread yesterday.

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Sorry didn’t see it, bring your thought this week and like this post. It has its own dedicated threat now!

No worries, I wouldn’t expect you to have seen it. It wasn’t it’s own post, it was under the “what would you like to see after global” topic thread.

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Well look at FSX people use other devices like tablets, phones, aand any other device to look up charts, “but we fly on IF with our iPads/smartphones.” Well if you have a laptop or computer, it’s easy to fly on a desk with a computer so it’s right there.

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That’s exactly what I do with the laptop and iPhone. I’m reading that the trouble is that some of our community don’t have access to two devices.

Edit/Additional: Not that a pen and paper and some pre-planning wouldn’t work. Devils advocate.

Great idea!

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@LouDon16… MaxSez: Charts in the Chart, LOL. The majority of so called IF Pilots would not know how to read a real aviation chart like a sectional or a set of plates even if it jumped up and bit them square in the …!Hell they never even file a flight plan (Check out "Air Field Stautus in the APP)
This is a non-starter. Want a Sectional or Approach/SID/Star Plate, fGoogle it cause Google is your friend.


To be fair 90% of people on this forum wouldn’t know how to land an Airbus A380 in IRL on a short runway in 45+Knot winds but they still manage it at MLW on this simulator… IF is an arena for people to experience as close to real world flying as they will ever come. If that means we have charts, even just to look and attempt to read thats fine.

This is fantastic. Thanks, @DipperDolphin.

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