Airport chart in ATC-map and taxiway-commands.

Will there ever be an airport chart embedded in the ATC ground-map? Like showing taxiways and so?
And if so, will it be possible to tell what taxiways to use. That would make ground ATC more attractive. As it is now it’s basically useless.

Wow I don’t know where to start. First I think you should make a feature request. Secondly I didn’t know ATC was supposed to be “attractive.”

I think the right place to start is to just make a feature request rather than putting down FDS’s current ATC system of which no other mobile sim in the world has.


Hi there! You are currently a basic user please wait until TL2 to post in #features

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I’ve been able to post in the features-section before, which I also tried now. But since I couldn’t I posted a question here just to see if anyone knows it has been thought of.

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Oh - ok. It has been requested but I’m not sure if it has been considered

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Most people are not looking at charts while they are flying, issuing specific taxiway instructions would be difficult.

Regarding tour comment on atc needing to be more ‘atractive’… I’ve been doing a some atc here in there and it can get addicting actually, maybe atc is not for you.

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I think your misunderstanding him. He was saying ground ATC is unattractive. I think charts and actual taxi way names would be useful, and inprove the sim, but it’s already been requested in a feature request. Also, not everyone using charts is not an excuse to not impliment more realistic procedures in the sim. I don’t use charts in this sim because there is no support for them


Thanks for understanding!

But about charts I mean like a ground map in the ground ATC-radar, showing taxiways. Just like in real world ATC. I don’t know about other countries, but in Norway we use it.

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I really love doing ATC. But the ground ATC is kind of useless when you can’t tell an aircraft to use specific taxiways. How it’s now you can almost only tell them to start taxi and hold position. That’s it. Therefor I think it’s almost useless. Tower and Radar-ATCs are awesome.


Just comes to my mind those pilots that can’t even taxi to the proper runway that everyone is using. And like it was said above, that is not an excuse to keep adding more realism to the sim, and I agree with it.

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Ok thanks for clarifying, I jumped the gun with my response. Having the taxiways show on the minimap would be a great addition. 👍