Airport Changes

What exactly was changed with the new general airport updates mentioned? Would love some additional insight on this, many thanks.

It often fixes minor stuff reported. In Frankfurt, a light pole was placed too close to a taxiway for example, and was now moved out of the way to prevent wings from touching it during taxi.

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Airport changes can range from minor tweaks to optimise it for performance, maybe incorporate some fixes for issues that were previously not caught, all the way to large additions such as newer terminals or the airport being reworked in its entirety.

Detailing each and every fix would be a lengthy process that would be too time consuming, hence, generalising it under the “changes have been made” category is much easier. Ideally, you wouldn’t notice the changes, though some major changes, for example, one of the most noticeable changes was to the KLAX Tom Bradley International Terminal, where a whole custom terminal was added.


In principle correct, it could be a small thing like this.
In case of EDDF a bit more was done:

  • added safedocks
  • fixed issues with Jetbridges crossing each other
  • added some new taxiways
  • moved some changed taxiways
  • added several edge lines
  • changed south apron
  • added new GA apron
  • removed demolished old firestation
  • removed light pole in wing clearance are

Oh wow! Thanks for the effort!


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