Airport Challenge

What is the most difficult landing for you and at any airport and any plane?

This recent topic has a lot of great airports suggested I it, I’d suggest having a look!


It was to be at Lukla if you try to land on runway 24

Aspen is a rough one

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There are many other topics discussed about dangerous/challenging airports. Use the search bar to find the right topic instead of creating a duplicate, thanks!

Topic linked above by @Ecoops123.

But literally, nothing beats Lukla Airport in Nepal with the C-208, Palma de Mallorca with the A320 is quite fun to land if following the right procedures, the legendary Kai Tak in Hong Kong with the Boeing 747, Courchevel in the French Alps… but the hardest airport in my opinion is Saint Barthélemy, originally operated with the C208.


EIDL is pretty tricky imo

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