Airport camera angle

I searched around but could not find a topic on this, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I know you have all watched crosswind landing and takeoff videos on YouTube with a camera positioned far infront or behind the runway zoomed in really far. With this view you can really get a feel for the planes movement when watching it land or take off. I think this would be an awesome view/angle for IF planespotting pictures and videos for everyone to enjoy.

The free cm we currently have works for this, however it would be fun to have it available as a tower cam to watch other people landing and taking off on live

Something like this for example

Nice! I want it! Looks cool, too


You could do this using the ‘Free’ camera angle? However, would be nice to be able select the angle quickly


Well technically yes, and you know what? That angle would actually work if only they could add a “zoom” function. Im editing the post. Thanks!

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If you double tap on an aircraft it focuses on it and you’re able to zoom in and out

Would you believe i didnt know this…

Your learn something new everyday…

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Of course you can now do it with the free cam but it would be a great addition to my opinion as it’s a bit hard positioning the free cam on the end of the runway and it’s even harder on Live because you can’t pause.

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