Airport Buildings

Just have a quick question

When you guys add buildings will they come in monthly airport updates or ?

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there’s no information on this but the devs said they will continue to expand the airports with 3D buildings in future updates

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Laura said that the end goal is to have buildings at every airport. However, since we’re still in the early phase of 3D buildings and models, I wouldn’t expect the next update to have airports at every single airport listed in Infinite Flight. That said, I would keep an eye out though. It’s possible that they’d add more buildings in the next update.


It was stated that they wanted to have frequent releases of new airports that wouldn’t necessarily follow major updates (or at least that’s how I interpreted Jason). But they’ve said they will release more info about buildings in the future that will hopefully explain that and how 3D airports are made.

I would imagine they would release the buildings as they would release the navigation updates; i.e. regular updates in small/medium sized batches every few weeks/months

or it could be done in bulk, say; releasing 40/50 airports every month as a separate internal app update


remember they said big airport take 20+ hours to make, that a whole work week from 8am-4pm for one airport, so i would not be excepting more than 10 airports a month if they decide to do a monthly release

ahh yeh that’s true actually.

unless they spread it out to the community via an editing software that people could use… or selected the top 50 airport editors who currently do the airports and got them working on it and they then submit it to the top developers for checking and release

I just can’t imagine the current developers doing all the airports by themselves??!

I think they are working in making a community airport building tool and auto generation of buildings, but both are unfinished so we gotta wait a while

3D objects won’t be added in the monthly airport/navigation updates we currently have, but we are planning on regular updates to increase worldwide coverage. We’ll have more to share on this soon


That’s perfect thanks so much for all your information guys appreciate it 😊

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