Airport buildings and vehicles


does anybody knows if Airport buildings or vehicles like push back trucks are planned to be developed?


So far there has been no announcement for these features :)

They have been discussed but we can’t expect anything to happen until project metal is finished.


Yeah like what you said being a mobile app they would most likely make the game run very slow and glitch. So after Project Metal is completed this could be a possible feature.


I think that something might come with 20.1 with the 777 doors. Just my thoughts though nothing official.


I doubt it. We have doors pn the CRJ and there wasn’t anything with that.

Anyway, let’s not spceulate. All we know is that it is not announced to have any 3D objects other than other users’aircraft at this time. Project Metal, which there will be a topic on somewhere, should help allow this to be possible. It is unlikely we will see anything this year I would imagine. Otherwise, it would be really lag and crash all the time. Think about it, the app seems to be struggling at the moment so…

There are also some Features requests for 3D buildings and ground vehicles etc, that you can vote for!


You can request that on #features


Hi @anon38962828 the answer to your question is yes IF will be developing building’s and vehicles in future but dont expect anything soon…right now developers are focusing on ‘Project Metal’ which includes reworked aircrafts, taxiway lights, 3-D clouds etc. Just search about IF’s Project Metal you will get every detail about what developers are doing right now and what are there near future plans


They were talked about and are in consideration possibly in the future.

I would probably ask for scenery before aircraft reworks…

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Let’s not cause speculation, false hope and ultimately severe disappointment :)

Nothing has been confirmed.


They probably won’t due to device specs

But as mentioned multiple times above project metal is to enable that.

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I know :)

Lets just wait…

We shall see… I believe it will find its way to IF sometimes within the next 2 years.

Nobody knows for sure — neither of these are confirmed at the moment. As always, vote for these in the features section and keep an eye on Infinite Flight’s social media for official info.