Airport Berlin-Tegel (in DE, Germany)

will Berlin-Tegel Airport (DE) be closed in Infinite Flight because it is / was closed in real life?

Perhaps…we don’t know…depends if the IFAET decide to get rid of it or not.

Most likely, it will remain. If they didn’t remove airports like Kai Tak (VHHX) or Doha’s old airport (OTBD), which are both closed in real life, I don’t see why this would be removed.


Closed airport get a [.x] in their name
However if the ICAO changes it might get removed if a new one isn’t given irl

Did some research, supposedly the area of Tegel will become some research facility. If a good portion of the airport is demolished (or changed) enough that it can’t be an airport, perhaps it will be removed…

No Schoenefeld and Brandenburg got merged. Tegel will be closed completely and will be destroyed. The are will be used for a park as well as some other buildings, but the runways and terminals will be torn down

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Whoops, looks like I can’t read apparently. Thanks for the heads up, deleted the original reply!

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