Airport ATC

A thing that makes me annoyed with Flying to a Busy airport is that once you are holding short of a runway and you’re waiting for depart. Another aircraft arrives after you and they are cleared to depart first 😖✈️. Bare in mind I was
Holding Short for around 15 mins since the Airport was very busy. Not sure if I’m just Impatient orrr 😅.

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Nope I’m the same, however when I’m taxing I like to let planes go, when I did ATC on Grade 2 I always did them in the orders they arrive, another reason could be the size of the aircraft and ATC worrying about Wake Turbulence, and spacing big planes out with small planes.

True, as an IFATC i try as much as i can to depart plane by order but you must consider plane size when sequencing (much more efficient to give a big plane depart before small one and etc.)


As a controller in the IFATC group, I experience this during my sessions all the time. I’d get a line of around 2-3 pilots lined up holding short and another aircraft will taxi ahead and try to fit their way as number one. Whenever I notice this I always go by departure order as it’d be unfair to let the guy depart before the others whom have been waiting longer than them.


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