Airport ATC [Closed] @ KEGE Eagle Co Rgnl

Come and have some fun, test my skills at Eagle Co Rgnl

  • KEGE Denver, Co region

  • Accepting Pattern work

Server: Playground

Stats: Closed

Active runway: 25

Transition Altitude: 9000ft -> 10600ft

[ Closing time: 0Minutes ]

Thank you all who flew with my controlling today! Please PM/ Private Message me for feedback on my ATC.

I could stop by in 15 minutes. Still open?

Yes hopefully. Will be good to see you there. At this moment I will be open for quite a while. I work by the hour so your safe.

I’ll stop by now for a bit

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If I experience a connection problem don’t worry I will reconnect

Not the best landing ay ha ha

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I came in too slow and stalled so forgive me ( great controlling btw )

Thank you, hope to get better

Whoever is topsecret - attack player Its a funny joke, but please leave my airspace if you’re going to act like that.

I do apologise Gray9 If your on this community, the pushback button glitched out and duplicated

Great controlling all of a sudden!
But, you don’t have to tell me to enter downwind and base after I requested for takeoff remaining in the pattern.
As far as I am aware, you only use “enter…” when there’s a plane that just called inbound and you want to give traffic advisories to.
If you want me to change from downwind to base leg use “Turn base”.
Other than that, great service! :)

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