Airport Arrival Flight Status

So I think it would be a little cool feature to be added for ATC fans to enjoy, and especially to those who take it to the next level of realism. If you would like to see this little feature of flight arrival statuses being displayed, added then cast your vote.

I think what could also be cool is to show where they are coming from too! But like the actual city name like you see on destination when looking at another user mid-flight, not just the code.


Yep sound good to be honest.

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I think this would be really good because you can really see how busy it is and a general overview of where aircraft are before you start.

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This looks awesome! It would definitely help woundering when a plan is on time and what plane isn’t on time I will gladly vote for this!

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Another great addition could be once exiting a runway after landing, you request taxi to gate and you are given a specific gate and it is marked on the map where it is.

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but that would only work if the plane had the time it should of arrived right?

How’s this gonna work???

Yes. If for example you had to divert for whatever reason, then it will state as delayed for your flight.

Have voted ;)

I am confused about how the idea of this would work. Yes, it would be a cool feature but the question is how will it work?
The ETE of the plane is when it is arriving according to the speed and distance left to the destination airport. To allow an On-Time and Delayed pilots will need to have scheduled an arrival at the airport and at a specific time.
In my experiences at IF and I am pretty sure this goes for most others, its a matter of getting a flight plane and flying, not having to worry about what time we will arrive


I think this is a good idea. One tweak, though, is that I would say it might be cool if the pilot could update their status instead of it being Computer-Generated so that it will be even more acurate.

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If you have to divert then delayed wouldn’t make sense. Diverting in IF would mean that ATC has denied your arrival possibly due to heavy inbounds

That’s true, however if can state diverted, and if you have to keep a holding pattern work above or near the arriving airport until ATC gives you clearance, then it could state as delayed. There are many ways.