Airport Approach and area coverage

I just faced an insane issue that the atc asked me for the approach request, and I had told stand by because I didn’t have the option of the correct airport I wanted to choose

I was flying KMCO-SAEZ

I tuned in the Approach frequency and checked in

Then the told me to ask for approach request but I didn’t have the option to ask for approach at the specific airport because I was not close to the airport…

Thus I received a violation

This really made me upset because I flew 7hrs and I received a violation instead of landing.

Plz advise and rectify…

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Hello! I apologize that this happened to you, I was your controller, please PM me and we can speak later once I am done controlling. :) (This can be closed.)


Hi, to be able to select an approach at an airport far away, it has to be in your FPL (the airport).