Airport and Taxiways did not load

It’s happened me quite a bit to tried everything clearing scenery changing graphics but nothing happened still didn’t load in. Even can happen with airports without 3D buildings.

On replays, this is pretty common when skipping, but it eventually loads in and it makes sense (since I’m skipping to it).

In live flights, it’s only happened to me once (and at the time I didn’t know clearing scenery cash can sometimes fix it) and that was in KPHL. It’s really weird when it happens cause it loads out then it loads back in and when you switch views it loads back out (I don’t exactly remember, but I remember switching views did sometimes make it load out). The airport was pretty busy so I guess a lot of stuff was being streamed? It was a little worrying though since I didn’t want to get a violation somehow when the scenery was unloaded.

This happened to me before too, and with some jetways. I just wait it out usually. Its definetely not a one timer, as I usually get it like 3 times a week

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Lol… this is the 5‘th time today that I hear Munich is broken 😅

This also happened to me today in Munich. When I was on the downwind, the airport and its buildings were loaded normally. But after I turned to final, everything seems to have suddenly disappeared, runways / taxiways aswell as buildings. I restarted my phone and cleared the scenery cache before the flight, as I usually do that every time I start a new flight. I’ve never experienced this bug with airports not loading in general before.

Sounds like the primary problem here is Munich?

Yes and No. It seems like a lot of pilots have had issues at Munich. However, as already mentioned this has happened before at other airports and other pilots have also commented that, that has happened at other airports…

Hey! The fix is quite simple. Just lower your graphics like rendering quality or object density and the airport will load. After the airport loads, put your graphics back to its original settings and continue flying!

Don’t think it’s that simple. As already mentioned, this has been tried by several people and it still happened.

Oh then it might be a problem with Munich airport in IF, usually when I do the graphics fix, it works.

Yes, we know.
But as i said:

If there’s a recurring issue with a specific airport, it’s something that may require extra attention and may even help us understanding why it’s sometimes failing in other situations (but random airports etc)

I saw 5 times in the IFATC discord there is a problem with this airport and the scenery

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All I can say is that it seems like there was a big issue at Munich with the scenery etc….

Now moving on from that, this has happened a few times at other airports (random airports) and I do nothing differently in the app. In fact, it seems to just be recently.

I can’t say if that has happened to other pilots but if it has then they can comment and some have already commented saying it has happened at other airports.

I don’t think it’s related to the scenery cache, as that was fine and there was no scenery as you can see in the photos.

@DaniCP also mentioned that he cleared his cache etc and the scenery on his app still didn’t load.

Given more than 3 topics was posted about it today, that’s why i asked to begin with :)

Regarding experiencing this on other airports - no, scenery cache is most likely not related to that.
We have however done changes to this on numerous occasions in the last few updates and there’s not been any reports of it either, giving us the feeling that it’s not something that users are experiencing anymore? Besides the topics today, i can’t find any mention of it for several months. Are you saying this is still something that happens frequently? :)

Totally agree!

I wouldn’t say it happens frequently. However, it has happened a few times recently and I have no idea why?

If you don’t think it’s a issue to be looked into then I agree with you if no other users have reported anything.

If it happens at another airport then I shall comment on this thread, if that is ok? As I don’t have any screenshots from the previous airports.


For the time being, you don’t need to report when it happens.
We are however hoping to improving in-app diagnostics for future versions, in which case it might be more “useful” to get these reports.

What I’d prefer is that any issue that seems to be increasing in frequency, are to be reported. Either directly to us (via email or topic). Things will never be perfect, but we’re always trying to improve. And streaming such large amounts of data like we are, is almost like asking for issues similar to this. But if we didn’t, everyone would need devices with 1TB storage minimum…

So if you start experiencing more of this, reach out :)


No problem, I totally understand!

Thank you:)!

Have had the same issue yesterday landing at RJTT. First time in a veeeery long time (at least 2 years) this happens to me. 3D buildings were there but runway and taxiway were missing.
Scenery does show in the replay though.
Let me me know if you need more info on the issue I encountered - glad to help if I can.

I have had the issue twice at Munich EDDM, also did everything you should do. Every other airport has been fine for me

This happened to me at KMSN not a 3D airport or big one but dose have a giv runway and taxiway.