Airport and Taxiways did not load


Myself and @DaniCP just did a route from Frankfurt to Munich and when we landed at Frankfurt the airport and taxiways were not there?

iPad Air
*iPad OS 15.4.1

Here are some photos:

Not sure what the issue was, but it’s weird how nothing was loading?


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Clearing scenery cache or set your graphics to low and set it back.

It should work.


That’s never been an issue, so it would be unusual for it to happen now.

It also wasn’t just my device it was also @DaniCP device….

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Same here. I cleared scenery caché, then restarted but it didn’t work.

This is a really weird issue. This same thing happened to me yesterday before my flight from DFW. I cleared the scenery cache… and It loaded all the airports and taxiways.

@Chris_Hoss It seems this issue has happened to a few pilots, so I don’t think it’s anything related to “scenery cache” as that was actually cleared and it still happened.

It’s happened before at another airport recently, however I did not get any screenshots of that one.

I was landing into Munich and upon final , I noticed that the airport scenery hadn’t loaded in. All I had was the satelite image. Being so close to landing, I just landed on the runway because I could make out where it was, but after exiting I just quit the flight .

Hey, this happened to me too, I needed to make a going aroud to land or I landed.

He need to Clear cache on his flight ??

Did this only happen at Munich?

Yeah munich airport is broken other airport load perfectly fine

Glad I wasn’t alone

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Yeah happened me to tried everything and it didn’t work. Flying into EHAM and even Barcelona and it happened. So frustrating when it happens 😤

i thought only i am experiencing the issue seems like it happen to everyone else

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Did anyone here (that experienced the issue) happen to change graphic settings during flight?

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nope i didnt

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No, didn’t change anything!

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As I’ve seen like 3 topics posted now very close to each other:

Was this a one time thing that happened to you earlier today or has it been a recurring thing lately?

I know we had this issue in the past, but that’s not what I’m asking about :) Because it sounds a bit to me like a temporary service degradation in our content delivery network given several people reported it around the same time just today.


this was one time that happen to me i flew into active airport yesterday and the airport have no issue with loading

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This has happened several times recently…