Airport and Navigation Updates - November 2020

The new BER is so wonderful! Great job guys!


Great work to everyone over at the IFAET!

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Yay Lava hot springs was added!

Thank you for updating RPLB, really didn’t expect it to be updated lol. Great job!

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Really happy to see WSSS and WSAC connected!

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It’s always great seeing your own work into Infinite Flight!

I don’t get to explore my airports for another 3½ hours until after I landed my long haul.

Here are my airports that have made it into this update:

CYVK, Vernon

Edited from visit of XCub event


CZAM, Salmon Arm

Edited from visit of XCub event


KAAA, Logan County


KGTU, Georgetown Muni

Airport was edited for @Suhas


KAFW, Fort Worth Alliance

Edited for @Altaria55


Interesting fact: I started working on this back in March, built it terribly, failed a few things a few times, stopped editing due to computer issues, during the pandemic got stuck with a new computer, started editing again, and completely reworked KAFW from my own build. Like everything except frequencies and runways were deleted, all information on the remaining things were changed though. Here’s a photo from back in March of the bad version, I was so inexperienced lol:

And a random collage of airports that I’ve worked on in the past 2 months, majority of these haven’t made it to this update:


Also I saw that 00ID was updated, and I went there and it looked exactly the same, anybody know why?

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Not a request, but I remember seeing someone saying ROAH would be worked on, and since it has got an update this month why is the second runway still missing … looks quite weird with all the relevant nav data but without the actual runway 😂

It lists all changes, in this case, it was just some starting locations that were fixed:


Who updated KBUF? If so thank you so much for updating it!

Amazing work everyone!

It should look like this, correct?

Credit and edit by Kilt_McHaggis

Currently there is insufficient imagery, we need it to be updated before working on it.

@Claudio I believe.


@Oscar_Conklinis the one to thank for OKBK and to contact for related claims

basically they try to build new runway in LIRQ bacicaly I show this image[new runway LIRQ firenze_peretola_aeroporto_2016_10_07__

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Ya nothing changed since it was added in September

Gonna be interested in what’s next. There gonna be holding patterns

Yes thank you @Ecoops123

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Please put Cargo City to Budapest Airport (LHBP/BUD) in the next update :)
Thank you

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This is amazing work guys but can we please get ORNI added into the game and maby update ORMM and ORSU that would be perfect.

@Bend96Aviation The only imagery we have for that area is on Google Earth Desktop, but nowhere else, so it’s highly unlikely it’ll be added within a month.

@GoingAhmed_TG an editor could consider adding and updating those airports but it can’t be guaranteed.

6 of my airports came in this update! Here they are:

SNOU (Novo Aerodromo de Feijo)

SWLB (Aeroporto Regional de Labrea)

SDEP (Aeroporto de Presidente Epitacio)

SDZH (Fazenda Santa Helena)

SSCN (Aeroporto de Canela)

FAGG (George Airport)