Airport and Navigation Updates - November 2020

Will YBBN be updated? they have built a new runway

Yes, once any image source decides to update.


There is a problem drawing the runway of RJFF in version 20.02.
The runway is just grassland.

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I believe the runway issue has been fixed…and it has nothing to do with 20.2.

The wrong runway surface is fixed in the editing database now @111166. It will be in IF with the next update cycle.

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VRMM(Maldives) actually has 2 runways

This will be addressed by an editor once sufficient imagery is available.

Thanks a lot I really need that HKNW upgrade! Hope more airports are added to the Kenyan Airspace Like HKAM and HKMG

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Well done to the IFAE team! Brilliant Work! :)

some one said “Dyess”,
I said “done

available in next Airport update cycle

I say “amazing” becuase someone kindly notes an airport that may be personal, or somewhere they like that’s unedited or not up to date, and within a few hours you’re just straight in with a 'Oh hi just passing by (drops image of now-edited airport)"


Happy Birthday @GBKarp, we have the same one!

Haha… totally unrelated to the topic - but I’ll change that now…

…thanks to all the team editing and constantly working on Airports and Nav updates!! #LoveThisSim

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Thanks and happy birthday to you also!!!

Now back on topic, the update is amazing!

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amazing, i love this

Thank you i love it


Welcome to the IFC!

happily waiting for the update it’s been awhile since I did a flight to RJFF Fukuoka ^^