Airport and Navigation Updates - May 2020

It’s not a update from Infinite Flight, it’s from the Airport Editing team

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Adding on, no further update from your respective App Store will be required. You’ll simply load in to the app and it’ll download within the app on its own.

is the map changed in any way cause mine hasn’t

The map itself has not changed. It’s an airport layout/addition update. It updates and adds the airport listed in the link above in the topic as well as adds VOR and fixes.

i was getting annoyed that it wasn’t coming but then there isn’t even a full update

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Yep if you’ve already entered the app after this internal update was pushed you should already have it on your device. Enjoy!

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Same(but I don’t fly), wine country is growing, especially because of Healdsburg.

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No problem If there isn’t, you guys always do great work!!

Looks great, just wanted to ask, is there any updates in the future that include adding more general aviation aircraft, or turbo prop aircraft? Like Pilates PC-12, or Beechcraft King air, and general aviation aircraft like Bonanza or Piper?

Hi Matthew welcome to the forum. To find feature requests you can utilize the search feature on the top right corner of the forum and search up those aircraft you want to vote for or make a feature request when you rank up to trust level two. There are feature requests on some of these aircraft that I linked below that you can support. I also linked a helpful topic to get you started with the forum and how it operates.


Love this!!!


When does the May 2020 update come out?

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It was already released. Restart the app and it should update.

This is not an app update that you see in the play store. This simply has a message at the bottom of the screen that it is updating the database.


Great Job Everyone! It looks like hard work and can’t wait to experience it when the new update goes out!

Thank you, did you realize it’s May 30 today so it’s been a while. Wait for a few days and see and thanks us again. : )

These airport updates are already on the app already, it doesn’t require an app update, just a restart (which your device has already done if you’ve opened IF since this came out)!

Is the June update out yet?

No not yet

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This is so good! Congratulations IFAET team, amazing job! Thank you.