Airport and Navigation Updates - March 2021

Looks like whoever did the ILS mistyped the coding for 33R, causing it to not show in one of the two navigation files. I can add it back in.

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Thanks, I appreciate it
And of course I appreciate whoever did the ILS as well
Edit: Thanks, I just went onto my post about this and it was @brennanhackard , thanks so much for your work on this, I appreciate it

Super excited to see one of the most stunning locations updated - unfortunately Milford Sound seems to have ended up several hundred metres underground? Tried clearing the cache but still looks like a challenging approach to put the wheels down today…


That’s a elevation error.

A few airports in Russia are being updated! Be patient :)

@Major-Tom Looks like the airport elevation was inputed wrong :) Could you take a look?

Thank you to whoever reworked NZCH!

No, it’s a terrain issue which the team can’t fix.


The airport’s altitude is correct, we’ve fixed it several times but no success. This is something out of our control, in other words, something that the IF developers have to look at.

Why can’t the elevation we input overide the terrain?

Hopefully you guys get to KSLC soon

@Apollo_Yuh @Flyspikes to elaborate a bit more around Milford sound NZMF. It is similar to the missing Sugarloaf at Rio. When terrain changes significantly in attitude in a distance that is below the resolution of the terrain model used Details might get lost. Without been a member of IF-LLC I can only guess the effort it might take, but I am sure when it could have been done without a whole (expensive) new terrain model they would have done it.

I am waiting for 3 month ¯_(ツ)_/¯

On each update there is a handful of Russian airports. This month was smaller because one editor went on a different country and the other worked on a large project, ULLI which has been reworked in this this update. 🙃

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Awesome !!! Thank you for LTBA !!!

Some SID procedures can be included in SID procedures for all runways
For example NE1E (SID) is in KN06E for UUEE

And as the saying goes
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Amazing work by the IFAET team once again. Something which caught my eye was that VRMM was improved. Can anyone tell me what was improved of the airport? Thanks in advance.

The pavement for the future Runway was added, as well as the related taxiways as far as they are there.
In Addition the East Apron and the new Sout West Terminal Apron was added.
See as well here:

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Appreciate it! 😊 Not a bad time to renew my subscription!

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I will fix this! I think Navigraph is wrong! No it is correct. The elevation in IF at this location is 1000ft. The topography is incorrect.


Guess the only way to fix this would be to expand the boundary of the airport to fix the base at 10ft or move the elevation up to 1000ft! Will discuss with the Supervisory team.