Airport and Navigation Updates - March 2021

Why are you waiting @Nugamiya ?
Yurt join the team Infinite Flight Airport Editing and add them.

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KFUL (thanks @Claudio) AND KSNA?!

Thanks IFAET 👏❤️


A big thank you to everyone for their hard work!

Chicago O Hare Airport is not correct 4L 22R is not there and so is 9C 27 C

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The person did what imagery has

Hey there,

4L/22R and 9C/27C have construction in the works on the runways, so our team needs to wait for satellite imagery to be available.

There’s no need to have attitude at someone inquiring about an airport, editing always comes with its feedback. :)


I’ve lost my will to help the team in these situations. I was fine with answering those messages that the team recieves multiple times a day, even though the same thing is said every single time, but I’ve had enough of that.

It would be best to leave it to someone who is willing to be helpful and be positive with the team then. 🙂


Good job guys! I was wondering why it was updating my Navigation database when I loaded in to IF 😂

Hmm ok I requested an update on the missing ILS for both RW15L and RW33R at ORBI that I noticed(I was flying there as part of an event) and a member of the IFAET said he was gonna fix it. Only one side of the runway got the ILS whereas irl there is one on both sides of that runway. Of course Im not complaining, this team is very good, and it was addressed straight away which I appreciate, but is it possible if the other side gets the ILS too? Just for the realism. Thanks so much

According to charts, only 15L/33R has ILS.

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Yeah I know, but only one side of that runway got the ILS (15L) whereas 33R also has an ILS

Looks like whoever did the ILS mistyped the coding for 33R, causing it to not show in one of the two navigation files. I can add it back in.

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Thanks, I appreciate it
And of course I appreciate whoever did the ILS as well
Edit: Thanks, I just went onto my post about this and it was @brennanhackard , thanks so much for your work on this, I appreciate it

Super excited to see one of the most stunning locations updated - unfortunately Milford Sound seems to have ended up several hundred metres underground? Tried clearing the cache but still looks like a challenging approach to put the wheels down today…


That’s a elevation error.

A few airports in Russia are being updated! Be patient :)

@Major-Tom Looks like the airport elevation was inputed wrong :) Could you take a look?

Thank you to whoever reworked NZCH!

No, it’s a terrain issue which the team can’t fix.