Airport and Navigation Updates - January 2021

Thanks @Ecoops123!


Ok, can’t wait to see you join!

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Great job. KMSY update to new terminals. Very nice. Really mind blowing how there were still 166 airports still out there. Amazing game. Amazing team that puts in this work.


Thanks for updating RPVB and RPVP! Now, can LTFM’s altitude be fixed cuz it isnt even in a tableop runway irl and ingame it is…

Good job for the team tho, looking forward to the future.

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Hey there,

Unfortunately this isn’t an issue to do with the Airport Editing Team, but more the the topography* used in Infinite Flight. This also crosses with Infinite Flight not being able to have sloped/angles runways at the moment.

*Topography is the data that has the terrain elevation data, which creates things such as mountains and hills.

Here below is a slightly outdated online Jeppesen chart of LTFM with the official airport altitude circled, and then the altitude in Infinite Flight.

Images have been reduced in size

We use official sources to provide the correct information and better realistic experience (since literally everything around the airport works with the airport elevation, including the implementation of ILS approaches), even if this does mean that it does look a little off in game. Sorry for any inconvenience, and hope you can understand!

– ECoops123, Airport Editing Supervisor


What an amazing job !!! Thanks for all the amazing hard work!

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Great work. I would have loved to see Concourse D get added to KBNA but i guess i can wait for it.

ah ok, nice job. thanks! I wondered that because it looked like a tabletop in if when I did LTFM-LIRF but ok, understood. Glad RPVB’s sh*t terrain got fixed tho and its good, since I literally can’t fly there without hitting the sides before the update

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