Airport and Navigation Updates - February 2021

I do apologize I didn’t see that other post, I’ll certainly go and read it definitely! I’ll also be on the lookout for this. I certainly know that that few development team is super hard at work and I really do appreciate all their hard work. This is really the best EVER flight simulator on here. I am soooo excited for more updates this year and also the new jetblue livery. To all good things coming!!! Again thank you very much for your response and letting me know. Happy flying 🛫🛫


Thank you!


You’re Soooo welcome !!! Of course and keep up the hard work it goes noticed and it makes this App so Amazing and worth it all 🥰🥰

Hello guys i hope this is the right place to say this .
I see this runway missing some parts
Airport : UTAA
Runway : 30R
Expert server

Thanks for everything you do guys

This looks like a little bug with the scenery @iidvdii. Clearing the Scenery Cache in Settings > General should do the trick. An app restart may also be needed (and further steps are available but shouldn’t be needed hopefully)

A small square of the airport data hasn’t wanted to load in well.

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Do you or anyone else find link or any information of next update is it coming this weekend or couple of days sometime this year?

No. This is airport and navigation updates not actual app updates, we do not know when the app update will come out.

great work! im just wondering if you can fix OJAM, it has no gates and u spawn in on the rw in IF. here is the airport chart:

IFAET members don’t take requests.

well its an error soo

It’s an autogenerated airport. It came like that when global came out.

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how do i start

Feel free to check this thread out for more info 🙂