Airport and Navigation Updates - February 2020

Like I said to another user:

The imagery of KJFK hasn’t changed since the last time I did some fixes around the airport.

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I’ve edited as it is. (source - official AIP FR)


Thank you so much to all the developers for the wonderful work of improving the world’s airports from time to time, and I’m happy about that.

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Very cool nice job guys!

Umm…we don’t take requests, therefore requesting is discouraged.

Editors work at their pace depending on the status of their life and at the airport they choose. Simply asking your VA hub and destinations to be reworked won’t exactly guarantee anything.

If you want it badly done, join the team yourself.


Thank you guys so much for working on KOAJ! You don’t understand how excited I am to be able to park at a gate not the runway.

Ouch I wasnt mentioned for KAUM @Cameron 😥

Hopefully I’ll get about 4 or 5 airports in for the next update! 2 are new!

EDIT: Also just read this, slightly sorry!

As always the Brazilian team formed by @Mauricio_B and @Fellipe_Eduardo did an excellent job updating and making new airports in Brazil. Congratulations on that excellent work. You guys are doing it for Southern Amaerica

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Great editing guys.

But what is the rework of Manchester?

How to Update

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Simply reboot your device or restart the app. This is an in app update, you will not see an update from the app store.



Thank you very much to all the developers for the wonderful work

Add the Oran airport parking spaces (DAOO) and they please

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Ok umm well I have a KIND gentleman who is ACTUALLY willing to help me edit some airport for my VA so… um yea…

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As a group IFAET don’t take suggestions. Ideas personally isn’t really against the ‘rules’. I do this for my own event purposes, they come in helpful! Especially for General Aviation!


It’s great to see this update finally out! My contributions to it are as follows:

VTSS - Hat Yai International Airport:

I did this as part of this month’s “global priority” project. I also made a time-lapse of the full editing process which can be found here:

6S5 - Ravalli County Airport:

One of my final contributions to Project Montana for a while. I’ll be doing a few more here and there but this was pretty much the last on my “must do” list.

Enjoy! Let me know if you find any problems.


Thanks for another great update! Quick question tho, what was fixed/worked on at IAH?

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Couldn’t find out myself. @brunocr98 was the one who edited this. I’m sure if he can remember he’ll tell you 😅.

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I’m curious to know as well.

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Ah yeah, finally Google updated some southern taxiways that were under construction the last time I edited the airport (May 31, 2019). Now the new taxiways are available + a new hangar (?) next to United Airlines’ hangars.