Airport and Navigation Updates - February 2020

I will see if i can get those re added my mistake!

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Thanks for your great work @Ecoops123! Your professionaism and positive attitude are greatly appreciated! Thanks again -P-

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7th name from the top

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Wow cool! Thanks for hard work editors.

I would like to introduce the numbers of the taxiways so as not to get lost !!

That isn’t in our editing power currently I don’t think 🤔. Iit’s up to the devs to implement that. I definitely want it so it could enhance these 2 features!


Cameron updated it

A question when will they make the map of Venezuela?. I ask this because I am Venezuelan and I want to know if the map of Venezuela is going to go in the game

Congrats IFAET to the new airport updates/fixes! Hoping the a small update on PANC with Gate B9 as it can fit a B787 and an update to PAFA as it only has a “Terminal Ramp” spawn when there is 6 gates.

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Not sure what you mean here. All I know is country borders are shown on the world map in-game.

Thats what I’m hoping for too. Need to update B9 to accommodate the 787, since American will start flying the 787-8 Dreamliner from DFW-ANC.

@Johhhn the airport was last worked on 4 months ago. The IFAET have a lot of exploring to do in Alaska. Hopefully this will he looked soon!


Can you guys please update Maldives Airports n recently Maldivian government opened 3 new airport.


Wich are the ICAO Codes of the new ones @Shaff?


Outstanding work!

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Awesome work everyone!!

It would be great if Naval Air Station Oceana could be worked on. Being home to hundreds of FA/18 Super Hornets and the mighty C-40 Clipper, and of course the annual NAS Oceana Air Show.

This may not be the place to put this, and for that I give my apologies.

A User with the GitHub Name hossss6 „Captain Hoss“ is working on Oceana for a while @DeltaMD88Fan. I don’t know hike IFC name, may be you find him so you could ask him on progress.


@Shaff I have checked our repository and the official AIP and couldn’t identify witch airport you are talking about.

Runway fixes being removed??? These were key to flying coupled RNAV approaches to minimums.

It is been taken care of. They will be back in next update.

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