Airport-Aircraft restrictions

Are some airports restricted to just cargo aircraft or military aircraft?

While I’m aware that as generous as the USAF are, I’m not entirely sure they’d allow my E-Z Air Australia pilots to use their runways and that Southern California Logistics probably wouldn’t allow them to fly passenger routes to and from their airport but for Infinite Flight and on solo mode at least is it acceptable to do so?

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Go to KNUC and see for yourself.


While you’re at it, make sure to count how many A380s, 747s, and 777s you see.


Airports such as Military Air Force bases do not have aircraft-airline restrictions in Infinite Flight. The only restrictions is heavies in class Delta and Echo airports. That’s as simple as it gets :)


Thanks Mate!

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I have made a request similar to what you’re asking, hope this happens sometime in the future! :)


KNZY is near Tijuana and San Diego isn’t it?

It’s closer to San Diego than Tijuana.

A380s at KNUC are more than the Emirates A380s Fleet


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