Airport aircraft inbound glitch

I have noticed that at certain airports without ATC that there is always only 1 flight inbound tk land. However once an ATC enters, the amount skyrockets up to what I believe is the real amount. Example below:

Above is before ATC

Above is after ATC, note the 13 flights versus the 1 flight.

I hope this helps, thanks!

It’s because when ATC opens, pilots tend to go to the Aiprorts with service… Not sure if this is an actual issue? The Airport Status box only shows the airports that has at least one arrival or ATC in service and doesn’t show all of the airports. :)


Okay, makes sense. Just checking. If anyone else has a comment put it in now. Other wise I’ll let @moderators close this in about an hour or two. Thanks!

This is not an issue. Like mentioned, people would rather fly to airports that are controlled by ATC rather than no one being at the airport. Wouldn’t you rather fly to an ATC airport?

Yes, but right after there was 13 flight inbound. (Second photo taken about 2 min. after.)