Airport advertisement billboards

I noticed a large majority of airports across the world have billboards outside for the public to see. Whether that be on the terminal or just standing on its own, it’s still there. I wanted to request for 3d billboards to be added as a way to add more detail.

The billboards could be placed at airports (mainly commercial) where they are most commonly found. Instead of displaying real world ads, maybe the signs could just be the IF logo with the phrase “Carry your passion”

Example: (I’m not just requesting this airport, this is just an example of what I mean)
Screenshot 2022-03-11 12.16.59 PM

If this topic is not allowed, please notify me and close it. :)

These aren’t specific airport objects. Objects like snow removal equipment, and other items found within an airport perimeter. Billboards will be outside of the airport fencing and not within the boundary.