Airport actions

Hey guys !

I have maybe a idea, for a next update (maybe, of course.)😅 :

You already offer actions with planes, such as opening doors and windows.
Do you believe it is possible to create “virtual passengers” and actions with the boarding bridge?

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There will be animations for the jet bridge
In the future they’re just not possible currently

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It’s maybe difficult, with all airports…

Imagine passengers boarding your flight and taking their seats.

That would just be next level for Infinite Flight. That would be difficult to make, but maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future. :)

(Is this supposed to be in the features category?)

Technically, yes. However, fortunately, there is a topic that covers this. Feel free to take a look.

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My thought for a future update for a jet way and realistic passengers could be through the assistance and update of Infinite flight and the support of this community and help of the staff in charge of graphics as it is concerned in Infinite Flight.

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