Airport 3D missing

Operating system:

Vancouver airport 3D unavailable in my visual . Last night i was approach into this airport and and diverted to Victoria Intl because the 3D is not coming up . Now i fly over Vancouver airport and still blank . Why ? I already clear cache .


There a few things that I recommend to try and resolve this issue that you are currently experiencing. These are:

  • Clearing your cache (which you’ve mentioned that you’ve already done that)

  • Completing a full device and app restart.

  • Changing your rendering settings in-game as this can trigger and cause the airport to load.

Let us know if any of the above suggestions work, but rest assured that your not the only one that is experiencing this issue currently.

Take care!

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Thanks . I will try later 😊

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Also just a real quick check, did you make sure to update to 22.7?

22.7 isn’t out yet. I’m assuming you mean 22.6. Either way and even if they haven’t the 2D such as runways and taxiways should be there which they aren’t from the screenshot shown above.

Sorry thats what I meant

Bros livin in the future💀
Btw even if he didnt uodate the airport should be there

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