Airplanes 'unknown' appear invisible

Today on LC on Adanced I noticed several planes which were visible on my radar, but invisible in any outside view. Weird situations, as Ground suddenly told me to hold position and give to an aircraft I could not see, on my outside view.

EGLC around 15:00 zulu, today.
iPad mini, running iOS 8.4
As far as the App Store is concerned I have the latest version of IF (15.10.10)

Has anyone else seen this?

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Thanks, that explains it.
Invisible airplanes. Dangerous, but interesting stuff :-)


I thought they showed as a 737-BBJ.

During the waiting for the A320 update for iOS, the A320’s of endroid users are shown as the B737-700BBJ livery.

That’s better having it showing as the bbj because the other day someone had a rant at me for taxiing through them but it was because they were flying the a319 and I had callsigns of so I couldn’t see them lol.

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