Airplanes not showing up on casual

First off I hope I put this in the right place, sorry if I didn’t. Feel free to move it if it’s wrong. I’m flying with a friend in casual between PAAK and PADK and he disappeared. We both can’t see each other even though we are on the same route. I have my airplane count to max and we both have a good connection. Any ideas to why this is happening and how to fix this? All of the things in the little box in the upper right hand corner are checked green.

Did one of you perhaps get out of the app whilst in flight?

Nope we were both in it the whole time.

Is this a one-time thing or has this happened multiple times?

Are you both in the same position? I have noticed instances when one person may end up hours ahead.

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We took off from the airport with a few miles of spacing and kept that for most of the flight until we both could not see each other.

Could you guys still see each other on the map and see their name tag, or were you completely invisible to each other?

Nope. We were completely invisible. When he was spawned in and I was choosing the airport I could see him on that map, then I couldn’t see him when I spawned in so we both restarted the game and it worked until the event I said earlier happened.

Maybe it could be lag, try checking your internet connection or speed.

Internet was fine on my end. It was weird. Departing out of PAAK I could see him but then bout 40 mile out of PADK he disappeared. Showed us together on live flight but not on infinite flight.

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If there was a lot of traffic at the airport, the planes might not appear to be spawned in, unless they are nearby. I’ve noticed this at big events.

We were the only ones there.

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If you read the first post I said the connection was fine.

Hmm ok, I don’t really know then

Perhaps he paused the game too many times and lost the connection. I have a an idea that happens because It happened to me twice flying to EGLL.

That can’t be it because I didn’t pause at all.

I mean maybe your friend paused it

I would check back in a bit. There’s a server restart occurring shortly.

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I don’t think that the issue was only on casual. I noticed this happen as well on the expert server in the current group flight I’m in. Everyone disappeared for a while but we were still able to see each other in LiveFlight. After a while everything went back to normal and it hasn’t happened since then. I have only noticed this one time.

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ahah, no one wonder why i Lost connection.