Airplanes Not Loading

I have a question this has been happening a lot every time I’m at the airport it seems like the airplanes don’t load I don’t know why but this is a problem that I’ve been having can somebody please help me thank you very much. Here is the pic of my problem


Firstly, if you head into settings and make sure that your aircraft count is up higher, then more aircraft will be displayed around you.

This could be what was causing it, as your aircraft count may be on a low setting.


We’re do I find that in settings exactly

This is most likely because they’re not downloaded to your device.

Go to Settings in the app, then select the “Live” tab. Adjust the “Airplane count” to an appropriate amount

IMPORTANT : The higher you have the airplane count set to, the more performance demanding on your device.

Also, if you are using cellular you need to make sure to have “Automatic airplane download on cellular” checked!

That should do the trick!

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If you head to settings then live, and then the 4th one down is airplane count.


It works thank you very much 👍🏽

No worries, I’m glad the issue has been resolved for you. Happy flying!


Check the post that solved it so a mod knows to close. 😉