Airplanes disappear

Hi pilots!

When I get close to planes and copy the fpl everything is fine.
But when I’m very close, they disappear, and I don’t see the plane or the I.D. anymore.
Yesterday it happened to me with five in a row until the sixth plane got me close.

Now the problem is that when I’m so close, his plane jumps, like with lag, that is, it’s not flowing.

Any configuration I have wrong could be?

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Did you check your connection to the live servers in the top right corner when that happened?

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Yes of course.
Its fine and my internet connection is very good because I usually play eSport games

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Do they disappear from your map as well?

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If they disappear, do you see a little white square?

If not, maybe they ended their flight

Map and flight.

No, I don’t see anything.
Map and flight out

That means that either they had a network issue (their little info thing on top of them is orange) or their flight ended, I have nothing other to think, but those were my theories

If they’re disappearing from both maps and visual, and you’ve got strong internet, I’m fairly certain it means that they probably lagged out. Happened to me a lot of times with players I’m talked to on discord and all of their responses have been lagging out due to poor live server connection.

Is it possible to send a screenshot or a small screen recording clip showing this the next time it happens?

There are known issues, where sometimes Controllers see aircraft disappearing briefly from the radar and then come back after a short while.

From your post I get the idea the planes disappear and do not come back.
Have you seen this in multiple occasions, with different airports? Or is this the first airport this has happened?

First time in 2018.
What can I do to improve the live lag?

Not much. Just need to check your internet. Other than that, you can’t do much. It’s more of FDS that can fix it. If you’re using a phone, then could you switch to data and see if that makes a difference?

As a controller, when I’m flying I look at the map a lot to learn things from other controllers. The same amount of disappearing happens as when I’m controlling, my internet is fine.

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Download airplanes on celular data can improve?

It’s a possibility. Although I can’t gaurantee it.

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