Airplanes crash automatically

Hi! On the last days i was doing flights. This problem started 4 days ago, Doing a flight NY-London on a American 777-300, i was on cruise mode and sometimes i was looking the flight, but at the hour 6 aprox, y go to look the flight and is crashed, I look the repitions and the plane with Auto pilot and Nav automat. started to go down, and today 8 hours later of a started flight Indonesia - Heathrow ¿ Why happens this, the plane falls down with Autopilot and Nav, 36kfeets and 0.80 … WHY??


We couldn’t tell you exactly why this happens. But first things first, the B777 cruises at Mach 0.84 and not Mach 0.80, so you should speed up a little.

Can you share your replay so we can have a look at what’s going on? (Click here to share it).

Also, if you still remember, can we have your weight settings?

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You need to step climb as you were to heavy for your altitude of 36,000 feet plus having a slow speed of .80 is not the best. You have most likely stalled out.

Check out the tutorial below on how to step climb.


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