Airplanes and Airports showing behind terrain

Not sure if this is a known issue but it really annoys me and should be fixed as quickly as possible. Whenever I “fly” to a mountainous area, the airport shows up behind the terrain. Not sure if it only happens with a chosen start airport or what. If seen from below the airport level, though, the airport doesn’t appear. A similar thing happens with airplanes.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10

I’ve experienced this too a few times. I can’t say much besides that I believe this is a known issue.

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oh glad I’m not alone

Correct, this is a known issue.


That happens to me sometimes on my iPad. I guess it is just a Terrain glitch. I always just ignore it.


It’s a known issue since 2017. Tricky one to resolve hence it’s still around.

Progress have been made though and hopefully these improvements will be in not too distant in the future-updates :)


Woah! 3 years unresolved? Quite surprising… I’m guessing Global update?

It’s a complex rendering issue which is why it’s been around for some time.

Advanced about 1000 levels above my brain power :)


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