Airplane TV Shows

Does anyone know a aviation related shows?
Don’t say (because I already know of them):
Air Disasters
X-Ray Mega Airport
The Age of Aerospace
Ultimate Airport Dubai

Please make sure it is a show that is still running and NOT cancelled.

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There is one about how Dubai´s airport work. National Geographic.

Thanks, added it to the list. 😀

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I really like that show :)

I’ve seen it, too.(Thanks @Sturmovik for reminding me about it) Have you seen the others?

Apart from Air Crash Investigations, none.

Try the others. I’m watching X-ray Mega Airport right now. It takes place at Frankfort.

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There is also Airplane Repo on the Discovery Channel and also a Tv Series on youtube called Dangerous Flights.

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Flying wild alaska was good. They did 3 seasons before they shut down. Ice pilots is also good. They fly DC-3’s and electors and such in northern Canada but they are both cancelled

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Air crash investigation?

“Worlds Busiest Airport: Heathrow”
I assume there’s more under that title.

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Air crash investigations

Bangkok airport

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I remember that History Channel (when it was good) aired Dogfights. It was that show that got me interested on aviation.
Its available on Youtube.

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