Airplane turns on the ground

Hey guys,

Recently as I’ve been playing IF, I’ve noticed that every time on the ground (pushback, taxi, takeoff) the plane turns to the right, which can be very annoying on takeoff roll having to hold the rudder to the left.
Again this only happens on the ground. Has anyone else experienced this?

iPhone 7
iOS 11
Infinite Flight 16.13.0

Maybe try to collaborate straight. Also sometimes I accidentally bumb the heading Botton before I pushback or taxi. That could be the problem

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Do you mean aileron/rudder coordination? If so it’s already turned on.

Possibly you have auto-coordination on, if so go to settings and turn it off. Once off you will use the rudder to steer.

Hope this helped :)


Do you mean calibrate?

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Yup. That worked. :)

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Glad I could help, have fun flying in Infinte Flight.

Yes I mean. I forgot the e on the end and it changed it🤣

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