Airplane Tanking

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Who i can calculate the amount of fuel I need for my flight? So far I have always used the ETOPS rating + 45 min + 5% fuel surcharge. But how do you do this in real life?

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so you take your TAS and use average wind and use it to calculate your WCA and your GS, then you take your GS and the distance to find out how much fuel you need, then you take that number (fuel) and add your taxi fuel, and your climbing fuel, then your reserves.

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I’ve heard it is time to destination + 45 + time to diversion airport, but that may be only for the US

I just use my calculator which factors in an hour of reserves + 15 minutes climb fuel

I try to maintain 10-15% of total fuel which roughly works out for about 2.5-3.0 hours remaining on landing for transport cat aircraft, for GA plan for 10-15 us gal reserve.