Airplane tail logo lights

while I was flying at night in a Delta 737-800 I noticed I couldn’t see the tail logo. This makes me think that Infinite Flight should have logo lights.


And taxi lights.


Taxi lights would be awesome! I often accidentally taxi through the grass because I can’t see anything at night.


Have to agree wholeheartedly on the difficulties associated with night ops. I look at my log book sometimes and want to scream! Taxi Lights are an absolute followed by brighter Beacons. A little more ambient light you bet. logo’s ok. Lighted panel someday. For now I’ll take a few more lumen for the must haves; Taxi & Beacon output increases. Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends


I agree,

taxi lights (nose gear, but then they should also move as you steer)
landing lights
strobes ( also the aft facing ones)
are a must

runway turnoff and logo are not that important but a nice addon

Happy landings


I’m interested in some form of floating light to represent the terminals/control tower until we get them (If we do).

Long live the DC-9!


Please add Logo Light so we can identify a tail/airline when flying during night. Another thing which annoys me is the Landing Light. Make it actually visible like the Nav and strobe lights and make it bright please!!


Yes, I fully agree.
With or without landing lights, it doesn’t make any difference!


I would like logo lights & brighter landing lights 👍🏼

Especially for those that don’t like my Air New Zealand all blacks livery. Want them to see me coming. Lol


It`s an idea to make landing lights realisticer by make them shine on the ground just as the strobe lights.

I want to fly in the night but you can’t see the lights are just there they don’t make an effect I would love them to make an effect


Just a feature I’d like to see added soon. It would make night flying alittle better.


It would also be nice when flying at night to have light coming from inside the plane (through the small windows) just to add to the realistic effect. I also really like the tail light idea :)

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I never fly at night because of the unrealistic lighting.

Logo lights would look amazing in Live!

Even in sunset the runway lights blend in with the strobes when you take-off, they should be brighter.

They should add lights in the cockpit like the 747

Both taxi lights on the plane and ground would be amazing and more realistic.

The beacon should be brighter, so it can be seen in the wing views.

Cabin lights would be great to. Maybe able to be turned on and off. Also would look great at night!

Also with strobes each type of plane should have it’s own pattern. Such as a 777 and a 737 would have different patterns.

And landing lights should be the most distinguished on landing.


Brilliant idea, it sums up just about everything that would make IF at night awesome

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i agree to

I think that you guys should make it so that the landing lights actually light up the ground. I have noticed that only the strobes and nav lights light up the ground. This would be really helpful for taxiing and when landing at night. It would also be nice if you guys added lights in the cockpit for night flying. I hope you guys respond soon and pleass tell me if this is even possible and if it is, how soon would it be for it to be in the flight sim. Thanks.


We also need lights on the taxiways


I hope they make a update and add all this it would be great for night time!

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In real life night flying is amazing, if they add better lights I would probably only fly at night