Airplane sound issues

Im having same issues with sounds for example when i press the botton AP and makes no sound alert.
And how can i report the flight attendants for example when we are ready to land.
Can some one help me?
( IOS iPhone X - infinity flight)

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When pressing autopilot in most planes there is no sound, this will probably be added when Aircraft get reworked or added.

And there are not cabin sounds such as you suggested above, they might be added later, but the devs have not said they’re doing it anytime soon

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Unfortunately, these sounds are not yet available on Infinite Flight.

There’s a few third party apps that can add these sounds, IFAssistant being one and there’s another but i don’t remember it:/

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It’s unbelievable but yes it is right, unfortunately you have to buy Inflight Assistant to compensate. It’s the best one appart from you’ll have to force to quit Inflight Assistant and Infinite Flight before relaunching them to be almost sure they connect each other.

Money money money all they want !!!

This is why I don’t subscribe

Y’all do realize those a 3rd party apps made by people not affiliated with IF right?

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I think infinite PAX is the other one you’re thinking of. It has a monthly subscription but it’s pretty good for boarding music and safety videos plus it has “flight attendants prepare for take off/landing”.

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Me too lol !!

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