Airplane size restrictions

Went from Kont to kpsp. Although Kpsp is a class Bravo with a 10,000 ft runway, there are no parking spaces for 777 aircraft.

I was doing a touch and go…

While taking off, the program crashed the airplane.

My question is, "Is this a feature within the program to crash the plane if it is too large for the airport??? kpsp did not show a size restriction…

This is a great program, lots of enjoyment from flying around the world in this Sim.

Hello, firstly welcome to the community!

No, there isn’t a feature like this implemented in app, where it will crash if you are flying an aircraft too large in a certain airspace or airport.

With update 19.1, gate restrictions where introduced to stop people spawning into smaller airfields with aircraft too large.

I recommend taking a look through some of the topics linked below as they should help you out!

Please let us know if you have any more questions, and we’ll be happy to help! :)

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Not all Bravos are created equal. And there’s more to size restrictions than runway length. There’s also ramp/taxiway/parking space to consider.

But, no, the crash is entirely unrelated to gate restrictions.

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Appreciate the response.

No It shouldn’t

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