Airplane Rework Poll

Hello, I just want to know when will the next airplane rework vote poll happen ? Is it possible for Airbus A350 to get a rework ? I seriously lover all the effort the team is putting up in making this simulator so much better…kudos to the whole team ❤️

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Hey mate,

Previously the Infinite Flight team don’t announce when these polls are being released and the majority of the time come as a surprise.

As you may have seen, they have announced that the next aircraft in development which has been announced publicly is the A220-300 (this doesn’t mean that there isn’t other features and aircraft in the works).

I strongly recommend taking a look through the #features category and voting for any reworks or features in general you would like to see added there, as that is the best place to voice your support.

Take care!


Thanks for information buddy.

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Thanks Deco ^