Airplane pilots need to follow ATC controls!

It is so annoying when planes will Not follow your statements. If you are one of these pilots that will takeoff whether it is safe or not, please go on the Free Flight Server. It ruins the fun when you think you have “special clearance”. When you just go anyway. ATC on the playground can’t even do anything about it. They just have to keep on sending on guard warnings. It needs to be solved.


Playground lol


It’s pointless making a topic on it as many have already been created in fact there is a topic like this nearly every day unfortunately we have to deal with it and maybe in the future there could be a new system which means it’s harder to access the playground server, there are a lot of good pilots though who want to learn they aren’t all bad but I just ignore the bad it’s pretty easy to do once you get used to the noobs

Sure is annoying!

If you think you have what it takes apply for advanced ATC buddy give it a go, you will still have some pilots giving you grief but atleast you can control it.

That’s what got me outta playground. I gave it a shot and supposed myself. Because there is no easy solution to this issue being PG.

All the best.

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I was permabanned from the Advanced ATC test. Sadly, I have to deal with it. There should be a semi-advanced server that requires a grade 2 pilot but anybody can ATC. There should be a reporting system for ATC and pilots for the server. My solution.

Playground lol